20160130:   finger biting

20160201:   your bare feet on my wooden floor

20160203:   the colors teal and purple

20160207:   photocopying a picture of your eyes

20160221:   chasing geese

20160229:   taking the vase of hydrangeas for a walk around the

20160304:   you chugging a mountain dew

20160308:   rolling up currency and smoking it

20160309:   a sequestered jury falling in love

20160311:   the world being so small

20160320:   you forcing various fermented grain mash down

20160321:   you forcing various fermented grain mash down

20160322:   you forcing various fermented grain mash down

20160323:   counting teeth in my mouth

20160402:   an umbrella sweeping gone in a downpour

20160405:   you cutting the brake line in my car

20160410:   sticking a fork in an outlet

20160415:   pet name rallying like sweetheart like baby like doll

20160426:   packing bags

20160426:   unpacking bags

20160430:   detangling balls of string

20160509:   Evil Spirits quelling

20160516:   you sucking in your gut

20160517:   begging

20160528:   you reasoning what to call a fly with no wings

20160604:   you pulling all the books off my shelf and judging the

20160613:   breaching the fourth wall of life

20160621:   you dragging a payphone into my apartment and inserting
        coins all night

20160629:   sharpie-ing the white sheets

20160704:   1,2,3

20160709:   curtsying and praying

20160711:   you salting all the drinks in the apartment

20160719:   god, speak

20160724:   you learning the word eyes in twelve different languages

20160728:   black dye squeezing out of a tube

20160802:   you expunging the innards of a stuffed sheep

20160805:   hurling weight

20160808:   you installing a tightrope over my bathtub

20160812:   pushing food around plate

20160814:   checking the apartment for ghosts

20160819:   you placing your hand on my larynx and pulling my words

20160822:   waiting for the punch-line

20160823:   when I get home it’s no joke

20160824:   a hero losing

20160825:   you forecasting meteorological conditions following the

20160826:   a banana breaching its peel

20160827:   twilight television ratting about god

20160828:   you waving a metal detector over the plates in my wrist

20160829:   you live-streaming ice caps melting

20160830:   love