Lunar Breaks

by Sarah Aronson

AstrologyZone: August is likely to be one of your very favorite months this year.

Push the clutch in, cry.

Get a ride to the orthopedic urgent care in a cab in a white dress.

The woman who had the woman who had me
could have married a dentist with a temper.

No rogue planets.

Dissolve one cup sugar.

Riding my bike with one leg.

PA-C presses thumb into what is torn
is also tender. (Concern seems genuine.)

Keep hiking boots dry in an old dogfood bag
strapped to a kayak.

Muddle basil; juice of two lemons.

The leitmotif of this opera is

insurance nearly covers the cost of people touching me.

Marry for money. Every time I see my grandmother she tells me
I have the most remarkable eyebrows.

September will be a major month for you. Two eclipses
are on the way.

New MD lifts my one eyelid and hums white and quiet
deep and clear
to his assistant to enter into the EMR.

Has 17 unfinished charts. (Self-consciousness seems genuine.)

Didn’t just stain it. Eyeliner.

Cosmos create movement.

Push the clutch in, drive.

Because I can’t walk, can’t fish.

Five female mergansers. One kingfisher.
Deep and quiet. Deep and clear.

Also check for: tobacco dust, manifest refraction, full
or resultant acuity.

Jupiter has not visited in twelve years.

The leitmotif of this opera is
soft tissue damage.

Fashion three gin basils.

Bid on a dinosaur bone ring.

and quiet.

We have a bouquet of a new moon in Libra.

Swelling down. Flexion up to 16.

I am always a patient before I am
a woman.

The leitmotif of this opera is
Neptune, your ruler.

Release the tiny “x” valve on the inflatable kayak
to hold air.

Report from point of contact in case I don’t return:
Know in your bones I will know.

Sarah Aronson is a candidate within the University of Montana MFA program. Her work can be found in Cirque and the Portland Review, along with forthcoming pieces in the St. Petersburg Review and Bellingham Review.