The Patron Saint of Loving Bad Men

by Libby Copa

They thought long and hard about what my saint title should be. Since the name-givers are all men they argued for the sake of arguing and in the end put a selection of words in a hat and draw one out. “Bad” I think is appropriate because a bad man can still be a good person, whereas, an evil man can probably not. Nor would cocky, selfish, or conniving have sufficed. I am the Patron Saint of Loving Bad Men—men who are bad at being men, bad at being gentlemen. You need a saint like this because so many women find themselves in the predicament of loving a bad man and they need to call in some backup when they discover that they have exhausted the other saints and need to stop praying to the Saint of Not Giving Enough, the Saint of Not Saying the Right Thing or the Saint of Lowered Expectations. They need me to guide them out of what is completely against their power to change.

Libby Copa is a writer, freelance editor, and future nomad. Her work has appeared in publications across the country, including Hanging Loose, Sin Fronteras, Matter, and The Blue Mountain Review. You can visit her online at