by Ann Pedone

I open the door under the sign “EMPLOYEES
I’m in Santa Clara bleeding
falling in love with everyone who walks by
Which felt something like history

The air churning through the air ducts seems
“UNDERSTANDABLE” but not in the
slightest, breathable

More than once my gyno-
cologist has suggested that
I stop worrying anyone can
be beautiful at 25. Uncannily
& the air shifts where is the
bathroom my hands are
sticky sticky again I need to change my
underwear but not my clothes

I opened so wide so
so many times today & I don’t
want to be all horny on
you again anyone can see
my body has its own special
special effect

Ann Pedone is the author of The Medea Notebooks, and The Italian Professor’s Wife, as well as numerous chapbooks. Her work has recently appeared in The American Journal of Poetry, Chicago Quarterly Review, and New York Quarterly. She has been nominated for Best of the Net, and has appeared as Best American Poetry’s “Pick of the Week”.