Issue 17.1


“10 Stories from the Bible in No Particular Order”

by Ian Baaske


“A Lucky Man”

by Daniel Coshnear


“Ghost Puppy”

by Kaely Horton



by Robert Kostuck


“Man or Mouse”

by Sarah Bokich


“The Jaguar Tattoo”

by Jose Hernandez Diaz


“Love Construct in the Covidicene”

by Robbie Gamble


“Domestic Panic”

by Michael Schmeltzer


“Sorry to Bug You, I Got Something to Say”

by Heidi Seaborn


“214 West Euclid Avenue”

by Madeline Vosch

2020 Community Chest Contest – Winner, Prose


“On some Excuses for Feeling Pierced by Existence

by Jay Aquinas Thompson

2020 Community Chest Contest – Winner, Poetry