Issue 17.3


“Shark’s Tooth”

by Nicole Beckley


“The Patron Saint of Loving Bad Men”

by Libby Copa


“Words are Made for Ministration”

by Peter Grandbois


“The Good Reverend”

by Ross McMeekin



by Ryan Price


“For Hire”

by Justin Follin Smith


“epigenetics or: the names we were given”

by nicole v basta


“You are who you owe yourself to”

by Guillermo Rebollo Gil


3 Poems

by Eloise Klein Healy


Eating Frogs

by Derek Otsuji



by Meghan Sterling


“arbor {before & possibly after}”

by John Sibley Williams



by Brenna Womer


“The Heights of Inanimate Things”

by Jane Zwart