Issue 19.2


“Message From The Moths”

by Matt Briggs


2 Flash Fictions

by S.S. Mandani


“For The Jumbotron”

by Will Musgrove


3 Flash Fictions

by Lea Page


“All The World Isn’t Falling”

by R.S. Powers


“A Recipe For Disaster”

by Denise Tolan


2 Poems

by Luciana Jazmín Coronado + translated by Allison A. deFreese


“Sunday Waves”

by Jose Hernandez Diaz


“When I Announce That I’m Pregnant”

by Kindall Fredricks


“O Ghetto Tree Our Tree Of Heaven”

by Justin Groppuso-Cook


“My Body Is A Jungle Gym”

by Polley Poer