Some [stars] are there but some burned out
     ten thousand years ago…You see memories.

               -Anne Carson

We built gods
     real slick-smooth
big god-looks
     on that stage
big god-breath
     big god-sweat
the bass pumped
     like priest-shrieks
like pure ghost
     had climbed up
in church hat
     in blue dress
the pews full
     but none sat
in god’s house
     the fake dark
the track lights
     the sound man
he’s drunk but
     we’re gods
we built us
     this big sound
this black shit
     the trunk-thump
of raw truth
     we built us
we bang drums
     we sing loud
we’re break beats
     we’re hands up!
the whole crowd
     is white-faced
but who cares
     you paid ten
but so what
     your head nods
for my beats
     your arms up
for my words
     your drunk dap
for my fist
     your drunk lips
for my lips
     your scrunched fives
for my wax
     your drunk love
in drunk eyes
     for my swag
for my steez
     that I know
is dead light.