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Pacifica Literary Review


Matt Muth

Managing Editor

Courtney Johnson

Paul Vega (Prose)

Sarina Sheth (Poetry)

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Rachael Armstrong

Lyndsay Field

Chelsea Werner-Jatzke

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Kate Henry

Willie James


Ryan Diaz

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Genevieve Hudson

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Maxim Loskutoff

Medicine Lake

Nicolete Polek


Nathan Poole

They Were Calling to One Another

Travis A. Sharp

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Ace Boggess

“When Will You Be Off Paper?”

Brian Cooney


Brittany Dennison

Pocket Dial

Sarah Feldman

Orpheus, Singing

Kevin Honold

That the Soul Takes the Shape of the Body

The Girl’s Letter to the Moon

Clay Jar of Wine

Dane Karnick

To What’s Missing

Ron McFarland

Battle Hardened


Jon Garaizar


Lance Hewison


Niki Waters


Cover Art

Jon Garaizar



Monera Mason

The epidemic was pulmonary in nature. Will spent hours in the dark scan room amid blue white ghost images of ribcages.

Miriam’s ribs were loaded into the computer. Comparison data, the 5th scan in 3 months. There was promise. Infection clearing. This presentation he had seen before, hope only to be ravaged.

Just a tech.

I’m just a tech.

Some people, cases, images adhered to him.

Images, really.

Miriam was a horrible woman, sauerkraut and pickled. Bitter at the fact she couldn’t pay her way out, indignant that she got claustrophobic. And the machine was noisy. No love there. But her ribs. This illness.

His curiosity was piqued. What if he could unlock this mystery. What would a life outside the obscurity of the 400 square foot glassed chamber feel like. He took the longest files, the patients who had survived at least three scans, the ones that turned. Certainly there must be a pattern. Some way to make sense of it all. Looking for anomalies, he overlaid images. Spots that made for a theory. Certainly brute force worked before: Edison tried hundreds of materials before unlocking the right filament.

First, it seemed like chickenscratch, the random striations of bone. Yet there was a screen flicker of recognition. Something here, but not.

He enhanced the area.

He trapped the lines and dialed down the white. He inverted.

Yes. Absolutely familiar but still removed.

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Wild Flowers


Kara Daly

sprinkle a little baking soda
baby I’ll get the evil right out of you
not because I’m a woman
but because I know
how to love something clean
and I don’t take no shit
not from no man
no stains on the stovetop

god gave me a body with which
to grow life not because
I’m a woman
but because I know how
to hold on—long
before I was born I said, yes god
I’ll hold another human
I’ll carry them all, give
me their trespasses, forgive
me their sins, lead them
through this body, relieve
them of this mind—

and every month my body
gathers like wild flowers
this world’s grief
and weeps




Jeff Whitney

I’ve learned how to say A horse running through water.
Still working on the forest is burning! the forest is burning!

In the first days, before humans and kangaroos, the whole world was water.
Now anyone can walk, hands in pockets, counting the sky’s many burns.

The morning had to go somewhere. So we let it. The way
humans herd a whipping fire to keep the whole forest from burning.

Longest day of the year and still too short by half, I would say.
Candles: that’s how we must go: snuffed out, slightly burning.

That Plexiglas on the bridge? People used to jump from there,
their screams like sounds of an alternate realm where everything was burning.

Horses like oilrigs along the plain.
The sun behind them, burning.