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“The new literary review Pacifica has been available on the internet since September, but they debuted the hard copy of the journal on Monday. The volume is as lovely as its release event in the Pine Box’s covered patio area, where guests sat drinking beer at long wooden tables, eyes to the front, like some mead hall out of Beowulf. Except with space heaters, and a lot more neckties per capita.” from The Stranger

“A Celebration of Something You Can Handle” by Cate McGehee


The Stranger


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Pacifica Literary Review is a small literary arts magazine based in Seattle, WA.  Our print editions are published biannually in winter and summer.

Pacifica publishes poetry, fiction, creative non, photography, and art & design twice a year in print and all all year ’round on the web. We’re staffed by the most talented and dedicated readers and writers in Seattle, and collectively we have the best hair of any lit mag in America.

Our editorial position is that we will publish the best writing we get regardless of form, content, or imputation. We strongly prefer writing that makes us feel feelings. We want pieces we are proud to put in print, writing we’ll go to bat for, things to shout from the mountaintops, and 99% of the work we publish is unsolicited. If you want a more concrete sense of what gives us the feels, we recommend picking up a back issue. We love what we do and we’re good at it; we get the sense that you do and are as well, so we should get along fine.

We are unaffiliated with any university or press, and we fund everything out of pocket. We tell you this for two reasons: one, so you understand how irrationally and passionately dedicated we are to printing the best writing out there, and two, so you know that any issue you pick up helps us put another one out.

Pacifica began when two writers who did not have nice things decided that they would make their own nice thing. And it turns out we made an incredibly nice thing, which is of course this thing, and we want you to get in on it.

Rachael Armstrong & Matt Muth