AboutPacifica Literary Review

From the Co-Founders

Pacifica Literary Review publishes poetry, fiction, and creative non three times a year on our website, and we are the best at what we do. We are an inclusive space for the best emerging and established writers. Seattle is our home base, and everything you’ve heard is true: the coffee is good, it rains a lot, and we have the best writing community in the US. Writers from all backgrounds, races, orientations, occupations, and sports fandoms are encouraged to send us work. Professors and baristas will receive equal consideration. Sonnets and memes will receive equal consideration. If it is excellent and gives us the feels, we’ll print it.

For reference, here is a brief and incomplete list of things which do not give us the feels: when the son does not want to be like the father, 3 trees + 2 bodies of water = beauty, gesturing towards vulnerability without being vulnerable, your penis, preciousness, things that are made to be knocked over, and knockoffs.

Here’s what we want: your best work: if your bio is more impressive than your writing, it’s going to anger up our blood. You think we’re pikers over here or something? We’re not pikers over here. We want things that are interesting to read, because we have all read enough of that one story/poem (you know the one) in your workshops and we are all bored with it. We want unique voices and risky writing; send your predictable stuff to those hoary old journals who’ve been printing the same thing since 1970.

We are unaffiliated with any university or press, and we fund everything out of pocket. We tell you this for two reasons: one, so you understand how dedicated we are to printing the best writing out there, and two, so you know that any issue you pick up helps us put another one out. We are committed to supporting our contributors in every way we can, and your support helps us support them.

Pacifica began when two writers who did not have nice things decided that they would make their own nice thing. As it turns out, we made a really nice thing. As this thing continues to grow, the vision remains the same: we’d like to share it with you.




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