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The wound is the place where the Light enters you.


It’s not really our style to belabor the point. Or, often, to actually have a point. But hey, it’s rough out there, so we might as well start cleaning up our act.

The point, then, is this: many writers are struggling right now, and we don’t mean with the childhood trauma of being the only kid in class without a Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper. More like in the “How will I make rent this month?” way. We want to help, so here’s what we’re doing: we’re gonna give you money.

We’re proud to announce a short-run contest with no submission fees. Our editorial team will select one winner from the categories of poetry and prose to receive $5oo and publication in our next edition. It’s not much, but it may just pay for that grocery bill, the electricity, the kind of liquor you pour in a glass. Whatever you need it for, it’s yours. Those of you who need help, you know who you are. We don’t. But we’re trusting you to tell us by submitting your work to this particular contest.

So, writer people: do what you do best, and we’ll do the rest. As Rumi said, “The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”

Tell us where the light enters, and we’ll make sure it arrives bearing gifts.

NOTE: At this time our Community Chest contest is ONLY accepting prose submissions

General Submissions

Pacifica Literary Review is now accepting submissions of poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction. Prose submissions must be under 5,000 words. Flash fiction submissions must be no more than 1000 words individually. Novel excerpts are acceptable, but must be able to stand alone. For poetry, please submit no more than three poems in a single document. For flash fiction, please submit no more than three pieces in a single document. 

Our general submission period is open year-round with periodic closures in September, January, and May for editorial production. If the submission portals are down, we’re putting a new issue together and will re-open shortly. We accept online submissions through our online submission system on Submittable. Simultaneous submissions are fine, as long as Pacifica Literary Review is notified immediately if the work is accepted elsewhere. Please withdraw submissions accepted elsewhere through Submittable. To withdraw a single poem or flash fiction piece, let us know by email at

All submissions should follow the directions on Submittable and be titled with the name of the work. The author will receive a confirmation of the receipt of the work as well as a final decision through email. Please don’t submit any additional work until you have received a decision from the editors regarding work already under consideration, and please do not resubmit a piece we have previously considered. Reporting time varies from one to four months.

We understand that you’re anxious to hear back, and we will try our hardest to expedite the process. At this time we cannot offer monetary compensation for publication, but we’re working on it.

Pacifica Literary Review reserves first North American publishing rights, and non-exclusive rights to reproduce, display, and distribute the work in print or other media platforms. Print rights return to the author after first publication in Pacifica Literary Review.

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