the Wabash car crash killed us a hard ass
took all his hard cash and left his carcass in the car ash

the lily toad monster has no imposter nor any lost art of
what it takes to chomp off the want of more of that sort of mortician

skeleton key Ms. Daisy and figure me fingerling potato thing
knew once the director of the specter of the hector of love and aiming

the girl in Wabash who started the car crash that killed yadda yadda
and the bank foreclosed on our homes and we have no where to go

left a body by the lily and saw the ill effect of the monster affects
couldn’t help but laugh at the craft and the size of her heart

lost the ring lost the sing lost the intricate identity of the
wing upon which some witch spelled our fierce clinging

count to three as you count on me Daisy and drink away the
hazy lazy mazy crazy descriptions that come these days too easy

the Wabash car crash killed us a hard ass and we know now how
to harvest